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Here is the third bilingual edition of SELETIVA, with new and attractive themes that will leave you amazed. This time we did not stay mainly in Portugal, we also approached Switzerland. Up until 15th of June you can still buy this incredible magazine at the most important kiosk in Switzerland. In between numerous topics we highlight the following:


The Algarve´s Capital

Over 1000 years of history engraved in our streets and places witnessable in the unique heritage.

Faro is a city with a past heading towards the future.

Whilst capital it has all the necessary facilities and services that make it an excellent town to live in or visit.

Being in Faro is to experience the best of two worlds.

Living in between the town and the Ria Formosa.

Between the land and the sea…



About Serralves:

The Serralves Museum is the most important contemporary art museum in Portugal, located in the unique spaces of the Serralves Foundation, which include a park and a mansion. Through its Collection, temporary exhibitions, educational programs, music, dance and performance, of its editorial activity and of partnerships, at national and the Museum promotes the enjoyment and understanding of art and culture of the contemporary. The presentation to diverse audiences of the work of the most respected artists of today, strengthening ties with the local community and promoting reflection around the relations between art and the environment, intrinsic to the context of Serralves there are nucleus activities inherent in the mission of the Museum…



In order to get to know the prestigious Fête des Vignerons in Vevey, between the 18th of July and the 11th of August and there is nothing better than the interviewed with its director of communication and marketing, Maria José Brave

1) Can we briefly recount the secular history of the Fête des Vignerons, organized by the Confrérie des Vignerons de Vevey?

The Fête des Vignerons (winegrowers’ feast) is much more than a spectacle, is a heritage, a living tradition that goes from generation to generation from the eighteenth century. This grandiose and unusual manifestation, joining tradition and modernity, unifies an entire region that goes from Lausanne to the Chablais vaudois. The Fête des Vignerons is the first Swiss tradition inscribed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since December of 2016.
One party per generation!




We went to visit the old part of the city to know the origins of Genève. We left the (Gare), we opted to go through the Oficce de Tourisme de Genève, near the Station. We took the road to the Place of Bel-Air, crossing a small bridge in this square, where we even took pictures of the well-known jet d’eau. Crossing the Place de Bel-Air, we went to the Fontaine de L’Escalade, next to the Confédération Suisse, although it was almost impossible to see from where we standing. The landfill is an homage to the celebrated Escalade, an event that forever marked the city. Today, among the numerous celebrations, there is the famous Escalade race (Course de l’Escalade,, which this year takes place on the 29th December and 1st December of 2019, being strongly candidate for a new participation number record.

The story reports that in 1602 on the night of 11th to 12th of December that the troops of the Duke of Savoy, Charles-Emmanuel I, composed of 2,000 soldiers (the duke projected to make Genève its capital to the north and fight against Calvinism with the support of Pope Clement VIII, despite a sworn peace) arriving to the Planpalais, they climbing in act of surprise, the walls that surround the city of Genève. The alarm is given at 2:30 a.m. by a sentinel. The cathedral bells rang strongly. The citizens with great courage and halberds go out to defend the city next to the militia and soldiers. Women also incorporate this defense, with two becoming well known heroins: Catherine Cheynet and Jeanne Piaget. All means were good to contain the enemy. Many stories also underline the courage of the “Mère Royaume” who scalded the enemy with a pot of soup she was preparing. In her honor, since 1881, the chocolate pots, decorated with the crest of Genève, are sold every year by this time.

But the savoyards could have won this battle had they succeeded in destroying, according to their plans, the door of Neuve (door of the city), according to several reports at the time. But Isaac Mercier, realizing the maneuvers of the savoyards and the work done to explode the iron grid, he cut the ropes that hold it destroying the hopes of the enemy…




Portugal Open – 4th edition – (Canton of Valais – Switzerland)

The Portugal Open is a cultural event that aims to provide students, and all participants, unique moments in which we celebrate Portugal, our culture, our history, our people.

It is organized by the Association of parents of pupils of the Portuguese school in the region of Sierre and Valais – (APSV) and other collaborators and an organizing committee has been formed of which I have been part of for three years.
In my opinion an association of parents has the important role of providing the school community of its area a range of opportunities, of added value for its associates and students in general, complementary to the work of the teachers, helping to increase the motivation for the frequency of courses, and helping to promote knowledge about our country. It is a continuous work in partnership with teachers, the Coordination of teaching, the students and their families. And it is for all this that I have collaborated with the association, because I consider important the work that I have helped to accomplish over the past three years. In addition to the big event we also organize other activities that are equally relevant to students and the community.
The Portugal Open event is in its 4th edition. We have come a long way having passed through the Valais great names in literature, music, television, personalities of various areas, among others.

This year the Portuguese Heritage was the king! We traveled through our country, knowing and exploring the valuable things that our ancestors have left us as an inheritance.

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