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Fun for families. companies or associations…

In Payerne a fun company that makes the delights of children the and the adults alike. Many spend a whole day there having fun. These are unforgettable moments for all families with many photographs taken to remember it by. Companies also celebrate their holidays here and reinforce the bonds of friendship between colleagues and clients. This is the ideal place for diverse Portuguese associations throughout Switzerland to celebrate birthday parties together with their fellow associates. Get to know a super fun place of not far from you …

Creators of entertainment we have as mission to offer our customers a place of relaxation and fun. Thanks to a range of varied and innovative activities. Continually looking for new ways of satisfying and surprise our customers always craving for new experiences.

Description of activities
Payerneland is an amusement park with 55,000 m2 offering a variety of activities for the whole family at all times of the year with:
– The largest Indoor Karting track in Europe with a surface area of 7500 m2 frequented by 50,000 people annually.
– An Outdoor Karting track a “large-premium” outdoor go-kart track with a surface area of 17,000 m2.
– An indoor amusement park for children aged from 2 to 10 years old named Laurapark. A covered and heated park with an annual frequency of 45,000 people.
– Payerneland Aventure an outdoor multi-purpose park with green spaces of 10,000 m2 that has an annual frequency of 12,000 people.

A project always in development
After 18 years of exploration and in the face of this always growing industry Payerneland is constantly investing in new activities. The indoor karting track has undergone a major overhaul thanks to a new lining that will now give more grip and a shock absorbing edge system. More than its aesthetic contribution this investment offers new sensations and a new source of pleasure to an ever more demanding clientele.

Markets targeted
The variety and complementation of our offers touches a large clientele. We welcome people of all ages and from all walks of life from all over Switzerland and France.
We note in particular:
1) Families: Thanks to numerous promotional offers and attractive pricing policy for children. We can offer families the opportunity to share moments of excitement where children and parents alike can recharge their adrenaline.
2) Companies: Companies looking to organize events to bring together their teams or their customers. The sports challenge develops an excellent way to strengthen the bonds between employees and to start or maintain a relationship of trust with their clients.

Additional services
A free shuttle service is available to connect our center to the Payerne train station also favoring the use of public transport.
The communal pool is located 300 meters away. Making it a very appreciated circuit of the schools.

Economic and tourist impact
Thanks to the big flow of visitors that Payerneland has. The company is also able to contribute to the tourist activity of the region. Often the primary goal of visitors the center offers a strong potential for dedicated visits to other tourist activities and productions in the region enhancing local synergy.

For more information, consult the following internet site: or contact us on 026.660.04.60 and enjoy …

  • Source: A. Rocha Antunes
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